A Simple Thanksgiving Activity to Create Lasting Memories

Last week, I was in my office doing some reading work with a small being. I wrote questions on my white board and he wrote the answers below.

After the last question he plastered his hand on the white board and said, “Trace my hand as my reward for my good job!” I wanted to laugh – how adorable! -- but held my composure.

I picked up a purple marker and began to trace his hand.

All of a sudden, I had flashbacks to drawing Thanksgiving turkeys as a child. My sister and I would spend hours tracing our hands and then coloring the sketch in with a nice set of Crayola.  Sometimes we would get fancy and cut out pieces of construction paper and glue them on. While I’m sure there was glitter in the house, most of the time we kept it basic with paper, our hands and crayons.

What a fun, simple, easy, and low-tech activity that’s full of creativity.

There are so many project kits to buy or video games to purchase. Yet, sometimes the best fun can be had with just a piece of paper and a crayon. (Tweet)

Over the next few days, when you’re busy getting everything together for travels, cooking, and time with family, take just a few minutes to sit down with your small being, a piece of paper and crayons. See what fun memories you can create by simply giving your small being your attention and creativity!

Insight Into Action!

Parents: What was your favorite holiday arts-and-crafts activity growing up?

Teachers: What is your favorite low-tech-and-hassle activity when you were in grammar school?  

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