Mean What You Say, Say What You Mean: Part I - Behavioral Boost Training Series for Family Happiness

This week I spent an enormous amount of time generating content in preparation for my upcoming Behavioral Boost for Parents (more on that in a moment).

One of my favorite pieces of content was a training series called the Pre-Boost Training Series for Family Happiness. This six-part (FREE) series is designed to give parents the background for greater parenting skills, which take form in my three phrases to live by! (Tweet) It's especially recommended if you're even remotely interested in taking one of my Behavioral Boosts (coming in February!).

Today is part one of the Pre-Boost Training Series for Family Happiness -- click here to sign up for the complete series (it's FREE!). In this video, you'll learn how to put more power in your words to get better results in speaking to your small being. Tired of yelling? Repeating yourself? Here's some tips to save precious voice through action!


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