When You Don’t Know the Next Step Try This

Ever feel like you just don’t know where to start? The next step seems like a complete mystery. It’s a strange feeling; you always know what’s next.

As I sat down to write this blog, I had exactly that experience!

Usually, when I sit down to write my blog there have been thoughts going through my mind and I’m eager to share them.

And when that’s not the case I reference my running list of possible topics. Something on there always jumps up and inspires me. My thoughts are off and running. 

But today nothing is moving itself onto the page. For the past 45 minutes I have started blankly at my computer screen. Over and over again I typed several lines and then deleted them.

I refuse to give up, because breaking my commitment to you is not an option!

Then I realized: This is exactly the right behavior to talk about today!

I want to write about how to be present when nothing feels inspiring.

Have you had this experience around your small being?

You want a day off so you can spend all day reading in bed without disruption.

But you know that’s impossible. At 6:30am your small beings will make themselves heard.

Here’s what you can do in these situations:

1.     Acknowledge that you feel what you feel. (Tweet) It’s okay to feel that you want a day to yourself. Admit that you’re not having your favorite moment.

2.     Start doing anything that will move you in the right direction. For me, that was to keep typing and deleting until something interesting happened. For you, it might be taking a few minutes for yourself before your small beings enter your room in the morning. The point is, don’t let the feeling of wanting to escape turn into escape behavior.

3.     Find the positive elements of what you’re doing. Maybe making lunches for your small beings is not your favorite chore, but what if you added in a love note? Or danced around as you put the sandwiches together? That would certainly add some levity to your day!

Next time you feel stuck, remember that taking one small step in any direction is all you need!

Insight into Action!

When was the last time that you felt stuck? What was one thing you did to get yourself going?

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