Behavior is Behavior is Behavior: How Behavior Principles Work for More Than Just Your Small Beings

If you're reading this blog, I know you're looking for some behavioral magic.

And you may not be a parent or a teacher. There is a wide range of people who read my blog.

For any given post I will hear from people you would expect to respond to behavioral lessons: parents, teachers, and other therapists.

People you wouldn't expect also respond to the information in this blog: small business owners wanting to manage their employees better, employees wanting to advocate for themselves, and people who want to be happy or have better relationships

Many people can relate to my blog because behavior principles are universal. The way you do anything is that way you do everything. (Tweet)

The lessons, concepts, tools and strategies I offer can be used through so many lenses.

If you have been following along with my work for a while and think it just applies to your small being, start looking around to where it has seeped into other areas.

For example, my key behavior principle -- mean what you say and say what you mean -- is a great way to build listening skills in your small being, and also a key way to build trust in employees.

Imagine the effect on your personal relationships if you tried to catch more bees with honey than with vinegar or were mindful that actions speak louder than words. Having witnessed the results, I can tell you they're mind blowing!

Whenever I talk about small beings, consider applying the underlying principles to other areas of your life where you have behavior challenges.

Behavior is one of those things that touches every area of our lives. Take my three keys for amazing behavior and use them everywhere in your life!


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