The Most Interesting Thing I Learned at the Workshop

I learn so much from teacher and parent workshops!

I’m super passionate about getting more people to understand behavior, so I do a workshop at least once a week. Towards the end of most of them I hand out a feedback form so I can learn more about the participants' needs.

The most recent addition to my feedback form for teacher workshops was a scalable response to the statement, “I don’t think I need any more assistance with behavior in my classroom.” The results were super interesting!

The majority of teachers strongly disagreed with this statement.

Translation: These teachers need more than what one workshop can provide! (Tweet)

Professionals want ongoing support around behavior. My hunch is that parents want it, too, so I’m going to add it to the parent questionnaire next!

Given this information, I’m running another round of my teacher support program, Making November Count. Want a month of behavioral support or know someone who does? Check out all the details here!

One of the participants from Making September Count recently did a mini-session for her school based on the course. Wouldn’t you love to understand behaviors enough to teach others? Be a leader in your school!

Insight Into Action!

Teachers: What's one thing in your classroom you'd like to improve in the next month?

Parents: What is one thing in your home you think you can take a tiny step to improve today?


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