Challenging Behaviors: Anger + Tantrums

Sometimes small beings do things that daunt even the most grounded parent. Luckily, my specialty is solving and healing difficult behaviors. People often come to me when they feel like it’s hopeless to change their child. I’ve never met a child who was impossible to help. It’s possible … if you know the right strategy. Read on below for my proven insights and strategies.

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How to Prevent Tantrums Before They Start

A very simple way to examine the cause of tantrums and to create a new standard of behavior in your children.

Facing the Hard Stuff

How to engage in meaningful conversation about parenting and your family while feeling good about where you are in your parenting journey. You're doing great!

The Essential Steps to Take When a Child Has a Habit of Hitting People

Hear Dr. Marcie go through her top strategies for encountering a small being with an unfortunate tendency.

Embracing Your Authority to Avoid Power Struggles

The secret to avoiding back-and-forth between you and your small being.

Biting in the Classroom and at Home

Proven strategies for stopping biting behavior from a small being.

How to Figure Out Why a Small Being Hits

Find out the reasons why a child hits another person, which will lead you to the ideal solution for this behavior.