Business has changed and Being Professional has a whole new meaning.

Building bridges between Business and Mental Health!

We can no longer leave our problems at the door when we step into the office. We can no longer separate our personal lives and our professional lives. Our stress, our responsibilities, our anxieties impact our work. Our mindset, our coping skills, and our communication style does also.

It is time to have open, honest and productive conversations at the office about being human. Let me facilitate these difficult conversations to improve productivity, dedication, and focus at work.

The separation of home and office, allowed for us to create space between our professional lives, our parenting and our humanity. In todays reality, these different aspects of our lives have become intimately interconnected. To be productive at work, we see the need for strong parenting skills. To be productive at work, we know the importance of personal resilience. To be productive at work, currently requires a new set of behaviors than every before.

All of the changes that businesses are facing today require each individual employee to make changes, not just in their business activities but in the way they conduct their lives. At the core of this is creating new habits and behaviors. These behaviors need to be cultivated intentionally. That is where I come in! For over 20 years I have been helping families and educational institutions create change. Now I am helping organizations as well, by helping them support families and building culture change to fit the changing landscape. We are in unprecedented times, so there are no proven answers on how to make your business thrive. Yet, the principles of behavior and mental wellness remain steadfast. 

Through short or long term consultations, through keynotes or workshops, through small group experience or company wide trainings, Let me bring my tools to your employees!

Topics range from Mental Health to Parenting (while maintaining a full time career), from Equity to Loss.
For the whole company to one department.
Bring humanity into the office to improve communication, commitment, and productivity.
Full of concrete, action-based strategies
Each training is uniquely designed.
Engaging, interactive, practical.
Virtual or in person.
I want This!
Support for the small moments that have big impact.
Spend 3-12 months month working side by side.
Explore the current practices and uncover communication breakdowns
Create new goals to increase productivity and improve cohesion.
Systematically implement concrete strategies for lasting improvements.
Time with individuals, departments and in trainings.
Impactful and transformational.
Let's Work Together!