Powerful Parenting with Dr. Marcie's

Feel like the adult in the relationship you have with children! 

Stop the constant negotiation with your children!

Know how to get kids to listen to you no matter what you say!

Do you spend all day with your kids and find the yelling never stopped? Are you tired of feeling hopeless? Frustrated by all the different parenting gimicks you tried that failed? Do you want to have more fun with your kids and raise children you can be proud of? Then, you are in the right place! 

Join me For 1 Full Day and

Get the help you have been searching for

We dive in and explore exactly how behavior works. We will talk about concrete, action based ways to address everything from tantrums to rudeness, from kids who don’t listen to kids who don’t share. 

You are just a day away from confidence and clarity in your parenting

The Details:

Join me on April 15th, 2018
8:30 am - 5 pm

In New York City

By the end of the days, you will:

  •  Learn how behavior works
  • Master the 3 Golden Keys to address any problem behavior AND bring happiness to your relationships.
  • Create a plan to face the top challenging behaviors you are facing.
  • Return to your family or classroom or practice with fresh perspective about behavior
  • Bond with a community of like minded adults to support you through the journey
  • Have access to Dr. Marcie for individualized questions

One Person Ticket Price $497
Two People in same family Ticket Price $749

Number of Adults

Questions about the event, email

Workshops, Staff Training, and Speaking

          Dr. Marcie's Speaking Reel


          Types of Workshop, Staff Training, and Speaking Topics

           Dr. Marcie will customize a presentation based on your school or organization's challenge(s). Below is a sampling:

  • Behavior Management Techniques for the 21st Century Child
  • Get your Kids to Listen
  • Helping your Anxious Child
  • Bullying: What to Do and How to Prevent It
  • Make Negotiating, Nagging and Not listening a thing of the past
  • Executive Functioning
  • Big Emotions and Big Behavior
  • Best practices for Screen time in your Home
  • How having more Fun is the Solution to Your Behavior Problems
  • Q&A for Most Pressing Behavior Issues
  • Unlocking the Mysteries of Behavior
  • Behavior Management for the Experienced Educator
  • Everyday Tasks: Eating, Getting to Bed, and Putting on Shoes
  • Managing Employees with Behavior Fundamentals
  • Maximizing Client Relationships With Behavior Strategies
  • How to Run Your Business Like a Family
  • Women + Power + Behavior


Dr. Marcie personalizes consultations based on the needs of the school or organization.

Examples include:

  • Classroom Consultation: Dr. Marcie works with one or more teachers to tackle challenging behavior and increase instruction time.
  • School Consultation: Dr. Marcie works with the administration, teachers, parents, and other stakeholders to create a plan to improve the school environment and improve student performance.
  • Group Dynamics Consultations: Dr. Marcie works with all levels of an office structure to facilitate better team work.
  • Conflict Resolution: Dr. Marcie brings parties together who need to collaborate for company effectiveness.
  • Personal Project Consultation: Dr. Marcie works with an individual to remove the roadblocks to improving their relationships, either with their children, spouses, colleagues, family, or friends.

Guest Expert

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          Dr. Marcie's Media Appearance Reel


Private Practice


Dr. Marcie and her team at Behavior + Beyond work with small beings and their families in their homes, schools, and virtually through phone or Skype sessions. The typical home session lasts for 3 hours so that we can really explore your day-to-day behavior challenges.

Dr. Marcie offer's a 48-hour weekend intensive for individual families to give round-the-clock support and training for parents in the most intimate and challenging moments. 

The youngest small being in the practice is 2 years old, the oldest is 25 years old.

Please note that the team works frequently in program coordination.

There is a variety of ways that you can work with Dr. Marcie and her team. Discuss with Dr. Marcie what your challenges and concerns are and you can select your program from there.

The first step is to fill out the form below to get in touch with Dr. Marcie. All correspondence is strictly confidential and you will get a response within 24 hours.

We are a private-pay company and we do not accept insurance. We will work with you to obtain out of network reimbursement.


Become Part of the Behavior + Beyond Team

We're looking for experienced educators who want the advantages of working with an established company and professional growth from mentoring with Dr. Marcie. Drop a note, make "Become Part of the Team" the subject line.  Someone from the B+B team will be in touch!