Hello All-Star Teacher,

Teachers tell me all the time that they can't control their classes enough to instruct their students. And let's face it, you're unfortunately put up against a standardized test which determines the ranking of your school and ultimately the security of your job.

Isn't that insane when most teacher programs do not include courses with practical behavior and classroom management tools?

After being in classrooms for over 15 years I see that the difference between a mediocre or low-performing classroom and a high-performing classroom is a teacher who's mastered behavior.  

And that's my specialty.

I created Making It Count so I can be your guide at any point in the school year to improve behavior in your classroom.

Let's make every moment in the school year count!

Blue skies,


Making It Count FAQs

Who Should Do Making It Count?

If you're a teacher and any of the following resonate with you, then Making It Count is definitely worth considering.

  • You understand the magnitude of your role as a teacher and want to develop your skills to help the most small beings as you can.
  • Last year didn't go so well and you feel like you failed your students.
  • You feel like this year is already out of control and the year isn't not that far along yet.
  • You have have one or more small beings in your current or upcoming class who are known as one of "those kids."
  • You want to elevate your behavior management skills because you feel stagnated in your growth.
  • You want to move beyond the classroom in your career, but you want more behavior management tools before you become a department head or administrator.


What Do Other Educators Think About Working with Dr. Marcie?

"I am beyond grateful that I took the time to participate in Making It Count. It was an eye opener for me! I cannot wait to implement what I learned into my classroom."
"Dr. Marcie always helps me think outside of the box. I knew a lot of things Dr. Marcie said, but didn't think of it quite that way."
"Dr. Marcie is an absolute pleasure to work with! I truly admire her responsiveness, approachability, and her contagious personality."
"Difficult behavior with our students is something we all struggle with and understanding the motivation behind their behavior and giving us tools to respond to that behavior is EXACTLY what we needed. You are a brilliant clinician and a super fun woman."
"Making It Count taught me important tips for success while working with children. Often it is easy to forget that my own personal mindset will dictate the child's behavior.  Making It Count taught me how to be proactive in order to avoid conflict with the children I work with. It also taught me techniques for delivering effective instructions.
"The lessons I learned from Making It Count have not only helped me while working with children, they have had a noticeable and positive influence on my personal life as well. I have found that I am overall happier and more effective as a teacher, counselor, and friend since Making It Count."

Does this Count for My Continuing Education Units (CEUs)?

Yes! We will provide you with a certificate of completion that you can submit to the DOE. 

Note that you must write a short summary of every recording in order to be considered for CEUs.


What’s the Investment?

Time: This is a self-guided course, done at your own pace. If you spend one hour per week you should be able to finish the course in four weeks.

Money: $150 in one payment or three payments of $55.

Payment Options


How Do I Sign Up?

It's a super simple process. Just purchase the program through the button above and you'll get a confirmation instantly and course material within 24 hours.


What's the Program Like?

Here's a sample from a previous version of Making It Count:

Still have questions? Email support@behaviorandbeyond.net and put "Making It Count Question" in the subject line.