More Joy + Fun

Being a parent is hard work, so it’s super important to stay positive. You can look at a glass half full or half empty, but in my experience it’s easier to look at it half full. This series is chock full of proven methods for bringing more joy and fun into your life and your family.

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Be Kind

A special message to you, because you care so much about your small being.

Giving Thanks: I Love You Because

This exercise has been the starting point to major family transformation. Let me know how it goes!

Father Knows Nothing: Interview with Rick Kaempfer

You can be amazing a parent right now, with the skills and experience you bring to the table. In this interview, author of the book Father Knows Nothing reveals how to use what you know to be the best parent you can be!

How to Make That Positive Feeling Stick: Your Top Six List, a Positive Accounting Exercise

It's so easy to go from one thing to another; it can all feel like a blur. Here's a way to slow things down and increase optimism.

Stop your adult tantrum, please!

Understand how you can unwittingly promote tantrums in your small beings.