As a result of Dr. Marcie’s Private Practice, children have less tantrums, there is less yelling in homes and parents are less frustrated. Children are listening, parents are clear and confident and families are having more magic moments together. Dr. Marcie and her team work with parents who have searched for answers with no luck (yet), who know that it really does take a village to raise a child and who understand that being an amazing parent is an ongoing journey.

Behavior + Beyond is a unique private practice where Dr. Marcie has taken the best of the best of behavior teachings and made it applicable for your daily life. The focus is on action based changes that you can use the day of your session to start seeing shifts in your family.

Since the focus is on your daily life, the practice is conducted in exactly that way. Help is received in your home and in your child’s school. Along with session via the phone or Zoom, giving you flexibility to connect with Dr. Marcie and her team more easily.

Behavior + Beyond is designed so you can receive the help you need to create the biggest impact for your family. Packages range from a number of phone sessions to weekend intensives in your own home, and everything in between. The level of support provided is designed to match your families needs and logistics.

Behavior + Beyond works with families near and far, old and young. Discuss with Dr. Marcie your challenges, concerns and needs! 

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