2-Day Behavior Bootcamp - April 2018

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2-Day Behavior Bootcamp - April 2018


We dive in and explore exactly how behavior works. We will talk about concrete, action based ways to address everything from tantrums to rudeness, from kids who don’t listen to kids who don’t share. 

You are 2 days away from being able to begin mastering behavior. 

Join me on October 28 + 29, 2017!
9 am - 6 pm

By the end of the 2 days, you will:

+ Learn how behavior works

+ Master the 3 Golden Keys to address any problem behavior AND bring happiness to your relationships.

+ Create a plan to face the top 5 challenging behaviors you are facing.

+ Return to your family or classroom or practice with fresh perspective about behavior

+ Bond with a community of like minded adults to support you through the journey

+ Have access to Dr. Marcie for individualized questions

First Person Ticket Price $749
Second Person Ticket Price $449
Use Discount Code 2PEOPLE at checkout to receive your discounted second ticket!

*Cancellation Policy* 
We require a minimum of a 7-day notice for a full refund minus processing fees.

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