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I'm a parent who is doing it all: 
parenting, working, facilitating my child's education and human. 

I'm here to  join
Parents Doing It ALL Membership Group for motivation, knowledge and community! 

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Parents Doing It ALL - Membership
Here's what's included in this ongoing membership program … so you can easily get started today:

Join me 5 days a week Live at 10am in our exclusive group! 

This program is because of that time with parents.
Our daily videos will be similar with 5 additions:
1. Strategic curriculum
2. Email summaries of content
3. Weekly Challenges
4. A committed community
5. Special Bonuses 

 I have a plan and commit to being flexible to meet the needs of you, the other group members and the world each week.

Set aside 10-30 minutes a day to engage in with me and the group! Bring your kids along and have them watch along side you.

We meet in a private Facebook Group - no one will can see the content unless you are a member of the group. Don't have Facebook - no problem - I share a zoom link every week as well.

Here’s What Parents Are Saying…

"The Parents Doing It All Group has provided wonderful snippets of reminders that I can manage work, my son's schooling, volunteering, and keep myself together! It isn't always the easiest but this group provides daily reminders that YES I CAN!!"

~ Mary Ann - Mom and Parents Doing It ALL Member

"Whether we work on the day-to-day challenges of being a small being or bigger behavioral challenges, Dr. Marcie always makes it fun and productive."

~ Karen, Mom

"Dr. Marcie is better than coffee on a Monday Morning"

~ Lori, mom

Your Investment: $49 a month!
Yes, Dr. Marcie! I’m IN!