Hi, I’m Dr. Marcie…Lovely to Meet You!

For 20 years I have helped families and schools help kids with challenging behaviors. From the preschooler who won’t sit still to the tween who is defiant and the disrespectful teen who has ODD and ADHD. My realistic, action based approach has resulted in less tantrums, less yelling and less fighting. There are more happy family dinners, more classroom instruction and more magic moments. 

I am a trusted consultant, an international speaker, best selling author of Love Your Family Again and Love Your Classroom Again. Families, schools and the media rely on my behavior expertise for the most challenging behavior moments. You can find helpful strategies in my award-winning column in NY Parenting or in my appearances on NBC, FOX and PIX 11. As a guest on podcasts, radio shows and as a keynote speaker, I share my behavior wisdom through realistic ideas for your real life. If you need a weekly dose of behavior wisdom, sign up for my mailing list and they will be emailed right to you.

I earned my doctorate from Teachers College, Columbia University (along with two masters degrees) and am a Board Certified Behavior Analyst – Doctorate. My dissertation was about parent-teacher relationships, conducting research on how to strengthen this important connection. I have a thriving private practice in New York City that takes me around the country helping families who are desperate for realistic solutions. I provide school-wide training for educators of all ages.

Yet, my passion for helping children comes from my own struggles as a child. School was not my strong suit. Spelling was hard, social studies was confusing and reading was exhausting. I was in the resource room, an old school version of special education. Mrs. Ermelio, yes, I can still picture her, was the teacher who helped me learn to read. Each week she provided specialized help teaching me out of the box techniques because I just did not understand. 

On top of that, I was sick. In second grade I did not grow at all (maybe that is why I am only 5’1″) and in third grade, I was nauseous almost all the time. This required going to specialist after specialist, often with my parents receiving the answer that it was unknown what was wrong. While my health challenges changed as I grew up, I continued to have various vague aliments through my twenties. Again, my health returned with out of the box solutions, from non-traditional doctors. 

Overcoming my own learning challenges and getting healthy led to my unique view of the world. The most powerful unique views I have are: I know there is always an answer. I know that answer may be out of the box. I know the best answers require action steps. I know that adults are the solution to kids behavior problems. From my childhood I learned to be fiercely dedicated to learning: I learned to be resilient, I learned to be creative and I learned that to ask for help. These skills I get to use every day and bring to every family, every training, every conversation.

Creative answers to behavior problems is just who I am, it always has been. As a child, I was the one who my friends called when there was a problem. Not only would I listen, I would also find the best solution. As an adult, my friends still call me with problems and often I still find the best solution. I am excited that I get to bring this into my career. Each and every day I help find solutions to behavior problems. 

Combining my natural love for helping people and finding answers with my fierce drive to continue learning has led me to my success. My journey has led me to earning my certification as a New York State Special Education Teacher as well as a New York State Certified Administrator. I am also a Board Certified Behavior Analyst-Doctorate (BCBA-D). After all my academic education, I have done lots of additional education. I am a certified yoga teacher and a Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, completed Tony Robbins’ Master University, and studied in craniosacral therapy. I do wonder what I will study next!

I am direct and clear — I speak with purpose. I celebrate every step of every accomplishment because life is better with a daily happy dance. I am constantly pushing myself to improve and learn; how can I ask you to do that if I have not done the same? My voice, approach, and manner cut through the challenges that are stopping you from having the most amazing life possible. That amazing life includes your kids being ROCKSTARS! I am here to help make that happen, any step of the way!

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