Being a parent today requires a new set of skills!

I have a new parenting program:

Parents Doing It ALL Membership Program

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You are required to balance your parenting, with your professional career (from home), and facilitating your child’s education. It is a LOT to navigate.

You don’t have to do it alone!

To stop the fighting, whining and yelling in your home join my new parenting program.

My speciality is realistic, action based strategies that you can put in place immediately. It is about creating lasting change, with tools that are sustainable.

From listening when you give a direction to getting them to get off screens, from tantrums that last hours to strong defiance, from school conflicts to bedtime refusal, I work with families who face difficult behaviors they feared would never change because they have tried so many interventions already. Together, we found the right tools because there is always a way to change behavior.

When you are ready to commit to changing the behaviors , I’m here! To learn more about my parenting program


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Parents Doing It ALL Membership Program
Join Dr. Marcie and the Parents Doing It ALL community every weekday live!
Get concrete tools and strategies directly from Dr. Marcie.
Learn how behavior works, so you can change behavior now and in the future.
Become part of a community of like minded parents.
Enjoy a safe space to share about your parenting, ask questions and share your experiences.
Weekly emails from Dr. Marcie to keep you on track.
Daily doses of encouragement, positivity and possibility. Be reminded of what is great about your family.
Honest conversations about parenting where at the end you feel hopeful.
Lasting change for your family!
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Learn On Your Own with 3 Magic Phrases
Learn from home with this 3 Part Online Training Program from the comfort of your own home.
Provides you the 3 Keys to Change Behavior. They are the 3 forces that all of my work comes from
Great starting point to take action in your family! Complete the entire lesson in less than a week
Each Lesson contains Videos and worksheets created by Dr. Marcie.
Set curriculum for you and your child. Learn side by side!
Online, independent learning allows you to customize to fit your schedule.
Receive email reminders to do each lesson, so you will never forget to log in
You can be located anywhere in the world to complete this program.
Life time access means you can go back and watch it over and over again.
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Blue Print Planning Session
A personal session where we sit down and connect about whats most important in your life - your family.
Share about your hardest parenting moments and toughest behavior challenges with me. Together we build a plan to change them for good!
Gain clarity by defining the top goals for your family.
Create an action plan with specific steps to take to achieve these goals.
Get on the same page with your partner and receive tools that will work for your children.
This 60-90 minute session will be recorded for your future review, at repitition is the key to success.
Receive a written plan after our session, so you have all the steps clearly detailed for your ease.
Connect from anywhere in the world, as the session is conducted over video chat
Most importantly, a sense of hope and confidence that your family will have more magic moments in the future!
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