Dr. Marcie’s Books and Programs


Words Are Magic
by Dr. Marcie

In this training learn how to use language with intention.

To create impact with your words to improve your mental health, build stronger relationships, and be more successful in businesses.

Our language is our biggest asset, learn how to use it!

How To Talk to Your Kids About War
by Dr. Marcie

Having difficult conversations with your kids, is difficult.

Get tools and strategies to talk with your kids about war. Including support for your own mental health and specific language to use.

Donation Based

Parenting with Love in a time of hate
Webinar by Dr. Marcie

The heartbreaking reality is we need to find a way to teach our kids tolerance, love, and understanding, even when others are not.

Get tools to talk to your kids so they are
allies, advocates, and amazing! 

Donation Based


Love Your Family Again
Book by Dr. Marcie

Start spending time with your children playing, talking and having fun together! The real-life behavior you face, need realistic tools that work. Love Your Family Again is filled with concrete, action-based strategies that truly work.


Love Your Classroom Again
Book by Dr. Marcie

Love Your Classroom Again is for educators of all levels who want to rediscover their passion for teaching, love of their students and excitement to spend each day in the classroom, but aren’t sure how.

3 Magic Phrases
Online Course
by Dr. Marcie

Busy parents need to learn parenting at their convenience. Learn with Dr. Marcie from the comfort of your home, on your own computer, on your own schedule.  Get the solid foundation to your parenting that you have been dreaming about.