Ready for a change?

Do your feel like your kids control your family - you do what they want, when they want, how they want? Looking for ways to find more balance in your family and life?

Get action steps to start today!

Kids are complex – Parenting is complex – Families are complex.

To simplify it we put our kids in boxes that don’t work. Your kids are not good OR bad, they are not smart OR dumb. Your kids are complex.

Here at Behavior and Beyond we break down boxes and transform what’s inside to the family that you can love again and again and again and again.

Our boutique coaching practice focuses on rebuilding families with positive action based tools that can be immediately implemented to create lasting change.

Blue skies are ahead, let's get there together!

  • We work directly with you and your family. Creating a unique plan so you can have more happy moments and confidence in your parenting. We work virtually providing parent training or in person in your home one afternoon at a time or for an entire weekend.

  • Dr. Marcie creates engaging, enthusiastic, and inspired experiences! From action based self care conversations to mental health keynotes that leave the audience inspired. From practical positive parenting practices to critical conversations around vulnerable topics. Participants receive tools that work in real life!

Meet Dr. Marcie

For 25 years, Dr. Marcie has been creating culture change with families, schools, and organizations; sharing her tools and strategies with thousands. She helps families shift from breakdown and disconnection to happy dances and memorable moments. She helps organizations build the bridge between mental health and business. Dr. Marcie believes the best way to create change is through inspiration and experience. This means her work, with both organizations and families is experiential, engaging, and practical because change only matters when it lasts.

And the Behavior and Beyond Team

The Behavior and Beyond team works directly with families, as a boutique coaching practice. We shift family culture through a focus on parent training and in-home support, using a trauma informed behavioral approach. Yes, we provide support in-home for one afternoon at a time or an entire weekend intensive.

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