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Why Dr. Marcie?

Lisa Nichols is a transformational speaker, best-selling author of 7 books, and CEO of ‘Motivating The Masses’ – a global platform that has reached nearly 30 million people. Lisa is known for her skills in guiding people towards their own self-improvement, discovering hidden talents and opening doors to the life they love. Here she explains why Dr. Marcie is the answer you have been looking for.

Hello - I'm Dr. Marcie - Nice to Meet You!

For 20 years I have helped families and schools help kids with challenging behaviors. From preschooler who won't sit still to tween who is defiant and disrespectful to the teen who has ODD and ADHD. My realistic, action based approach has resulted in less tantrums, less yelling and less fighting. There are more happy family dinners, more classroom instruction and more magic moments.

I earned my doctorate from Teachers College, Columbia University. I am a two time best selling author. I am have a thriving private practice in New York City that takes me around the country helping families. I provide school wide trainings for educators of all ages.

Yet, my passion comes from my own struggles as a child. School was not my strong suite. Spelling was hard, social studies was confusing and reading was exhausting. I was in resource room, a version of special education. On top of that, I was sick. In second grade I did not grow at all (maybe that is why I am only 5'1") and in third grade I was nauseas almost all the time.

Overcoming my own learning challenges and getting healthy led to my unique view of the world. I know there is always an answer. I know that answer may be out of the box. I know the best answers include action steps. From my childhood I learned to be fiercely dedicated to learning, I learned to be resilient and I learned to be creative. These skills I get to use everyday and bring to every family, every training, every conversation.

More About Me
  • "The first time I contacted Dr. Marcie I was in crisis-mode. My kids were having too many tantrums to count and everything was a struggle. In the first chat, Dr. Marcie gave me one simple behavior adjustment that put me back in my family’s driver’s seat...My kids are happier, they’re getting more of my positive attention and I’m feeling a bit more ease. Today, we’re riding along smoothly. Thank you, Dr. Marcie!"

  • Dr. Marcie is an amazing, knowledgeable, inspirational, fun and true behavioral solution expert. My personal favorite, her constant personal growth and proactive methods to addressing issues before they arise and raising resilient, kind, empowered little beings. Follow her, read her books, join her newsletter. You won’t be sorry.



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