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I impart wisdom about behavior like you have never heard before! Practical, action based tools, all while keeping you captivated.

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            Possible Speaking Topics with Dr. Marcie

    • Balancing Parenting and Work: in the Era of COVID-19
    • Mental Wellbeing – Finding Happiness and Coping with Anxiety
    • ALL Behavior Can Change
    • How to Actually Change Culture
    • How to Run your Family like you Run your Business (and vice versa)
    • How to be a Leader
    • Bullying Is Never the Answer
    • Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity
    • Social Media and Technology for your Business
    • Social media and Technology with your Children
    • Behavior Management Techniques for Kids Today
    • Anxiety and Depression: How to Shift these Feelings
    • Make Negotiating, Nagging and Not Listening a thing of the Past
    • Executive Functioning: What is it and How to Teach it
    • How more Fun is the Solution to Your Behavior Problems
    • Behavior Basics
    • Everyday Dilemmas: Getting your Kids to Eating, Getting to Bed, and Putting on Shoes
    • Managing Employees with Behavior Magic
    • Using your Actions to Maximizing Client Relationships