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From Keynotes to Professional Development Trainings to Parent Groups she will impart wisdom, keep you entertained and most importantly provide realistic ideas

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  • School Shootings: How to Stop these Tragedies
  • Bullying Is Never the Answer
  • Technology and Children: The best steps for your family
  • Social media and Children: From Social Media Challenges to Talking to Friends 
  • Kids are Learning Behavior: Here is What To Teach Them
  • Behavior Management Techniques for Kids Today
  • Get your Kids to Listen, the First Time You Speak
  • Anxiety and Depression: How to Help Children facing these Challenges
  • Make Negotiating, Nagging and Not listening a thing of the past
  • Executive Functioning: What is it and How to Teach it
  • Big Emotions and Big Behavior
  • How having more Fun is the Solution to Your Behavior Problems
  • Q&A for Most Pressing Behavior Issues
  • Unlocking the Mysteries of Behavior
  • Behavior Management for the Experienced Educator
  • Everyday Dilemmas: Getting your Kids to Eating, Getting to Bed, and Putting on Shoes
  • Managing Employees with Behavior Fundamentals
  • Maximizing Client Relationships With Behavior Strategies
  • How to Run Your Family Like You Run Your Business