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Dr. Marcie is a dynamic speaker who brings knowledge, insight, engagement and practical tools to your training, professional development or conference!

Practical, Action-Based Tools for Life and Work

Building bridges between Mental Health and Behavior

Addressing Family Culture at Home and at the Office

From Keynotes to Hands on Workshops

From Small Groups to Entire Companies

We can no longer leave our problems at the door when we step into the office. We can no longer separate our personal lives and our professional lives. Our stress, our responsibilities, our anxieties impact our work. Our mindset, our coping skills, and our communication style impacts all areas of our life.

It is time to have open, honest and productive conversations, at the office and at home. Let me facilitate these difficult conversations to improve productivity, dedication, and focus.


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            Possible Topics

Full Time Working Parents

  • Navigating working from home full time and parenting
  • Strategies for back to school
  • How Behavior Works, understanding the steps to change any behavior
  • Meal Time Magic – helping your kids sit and eat so that you can eat too
  • Make Negotiating, Nagging and Not Listening a thing of the Past

Mental Health

  • Understanding Depression, with concrete tools that make a difference
  • Finding your Happiness in Uncertain Times
  • Anxiety and how it impacts your life
  • Navigating Loss at work or school, including death by suicide

Behavior In the Office

  • Having Difficult Conversations, including conflict resolution
  • Building relationships with Colleagues, including rebuilding as we return to in-person connections
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – specifically around LGBTQ+ inclusion practices

Special Needs

  • What to do when your child receives a diagnosis in the Special Education Realm (from Autism to ADHD to Sensory Processing Disorder)
  • How to see your special needs child as a whole child…Many parents get lost in the label
  • Understanding and Accepting Learning Differences
  • ALL Behavior CAN Change