Love Your Classroom Again

Love Your Classroom Again is for educators of all levels who want to rediscover their passion for teaching, love of their students and excitement to spend each day in the classroom, but aren’t sure how.This book will give you:

1. A clear understanding of behavior.

2. Easy-to-implement tools

3. Renewed, realistic perspective on classroom activity.

4. A fresh experience of teaching with you fully in charge

Love Your Family Again

How do you make the best of the time you spend around your kids? So many parents spend too much of this time arguing, fighting, yelling or negotiating with their children. Do you? Mothers today actively spend an average of 104 minutes every day engaged with their children, fathers spend on average 59 minutes. This does not include the time you are simply around your child, focused on other priorities. That is a lot of time to argue, fight, yell or negotiate. Start spending time with your children playing, talking and having fun together! The real-life behavior you face, need realistic tools that work. Love Your Family Again is filled with concrete, action-based strategies that truly work. Within these pages you will learn how to:

1. Stop negotiating with your children

2. Raise kids that listen

3. Identify the actions needed to combat problem behavior

4. Build more happiness within your family

5. Take small steps each day that lead to big changes.