• As a parent, nothing is more important than me than the stability of my child. You know as a mother or as a father when your child is in crisis, your household is in crisis. And the one thing you want to do is push past the confusion, the frustration and the feeling like something is wrong and you don't know how to fix it. Dr. Marcie is one of the few doctors that has a way of touching you and your child in such a way that she teaches you skill sets, teaches you language, teaches you techniques to make you feel like you have the clarity and the confidence to take your family, your experience, and the joy that you have to the next level. I highly recommend anyone who is in the state of seeking and searching to click on Dr. Marcie and rush to her expertise today.

    Lisa Nichols Mother of One, Transformational Speaker and CEO of Motivating the Masses
  • Dr. Marcie’s strategies have been incredibly helpful and I’m surprised at how quickly and well my son has responded. Not only has he been an absolute delight, but I have been a happier and less stressed parent. Thank you for your help!

    Jessica Mother of One
  • Dr. Marcie is an amazing, knowledgeable, inspirational, fun and true behavioral solution expert. My personal favorite, her constant personal growth and proactive methods to addressing issues before they arise and raising resilient, kind, empowered little beings. Follow her, read her books, join her newsletter. You won’t be sorry.

    Shiva Mother of Three
  • The first time I contacted Dr. Marcie I was in crisis-mode. My kids were having too many tantrums to count and everything was a struggle. In the first chat, Dr. Marcie gave me one simple behavior adjustment that put me back in my family’s driver’s seat...My kids are happier, they’re getting more of my positive attention and I’m feeling a bit more ease. Today, we’re riding along smoothly. Thank you, Dr. Marcie!

    Marisha Mother of Two
  • Dr. Marcie is a miracle worker! Our friends and relatives cannot believe the amazing transformation that has taken place and his father and I are overjoyed! Within two weeks of working with Dr. Marcie and her wonderful team of professionals, he went from being an isolated, physically awkward, and withdrawn child to an outgoing, active, and verbal toddler who is able to express himself. To say that we recommend Dr. Marcie highly is the greatest of understatements.

    Stepmom of One
  • You're a behavior angel from Heaven! Thank you Dr. Marcie! I am telling all my friends about you!

    Mother of One
  • Behavior Boost was really informative and very helpful in improving my son's overall behavior when getting ready for school. Now that we have scheduled special time together, he is motivated to eat breakfast, get dressed, brush teeth, etc. without being asked 100 times because he knows that he will get to play a game of his choice for five minutes with my undivided attention before heading out the door to school. This also sets the tone for a happy start to the day for everyone in our family.

    Mother of One
  • I have learned more from Dr. Marcie's blog than I did in my Masters program at Teachers College, Columbia University.

    Social Worker in an Elementary School
  • What a great teleconference it was. I've worked with children for many years and have taken courses on helping children with behavior challenges. I felt that Dr. Marcie presented her information in a clear and practical manner. The information, techniques, and examples were very realistic.

    Special Education Teacher in a Preschool
  • Dr. Marcie is an absolute pleasure to work with! I truly admire her responsiveness, approachability, and her contagious personality. Marcie carries with her a great depth of knowledge and when combined with her charisma and delivery is one of the best presenters I have come across. Whether you are a child, teen, or adult, Dr. Marcie will have you engaged and excited about learning and connecting.

    Director of a High School
  • Dr. Marcie's program taught me important tips for success while working with children. Often it is easy to forget that my own personal mindset will dictate the child's behavior. Making It Count taught me how to be proactive in order to avoid conflict with the children I work with. It also taught me techniques for delivering effective instructions. The lessons I learned from Making It Count have not only helped me while working with children, they have had a noticeable and positive influence on my personal life as well. I have found that I am overall happier and more effective as a teacher, counselor, and friend since Making It Count.

    ABA Instructor/Special Education Teacher in a Preschool
  • Dr. Marcie is a miracle worker! She saved us when my daughter developed sudden severe OCD symptoms. Other professionals said our daughter's symptoms were too intense for standard weekly treatments. Our choice was an in-patient program in another city or Dr. Marcie. We made the right decision. Dr. Marcie did intensive in-home treatment. Our daughter shortly made great improvements. She was again able to go to school, play soccer, hang out with her friends—and smile. Dr. Marcie is cheerful, energetic, dedicated, and knowledgable. She knows what she is doing! I highly recommend her amazing services, and we can't thank her enough. Totally worth it.

    Mother of One
  • Dr. Marcie has consulted with many of the families that I work with. She sees the children at home and in my speech-language treatment sessions. I'm constantly amazed at her ability to quickly and accurately assess an interaction and then provide simple yet insightful modifications that have both immediate and long term benefits. Dr. Marcie's useful suggestions always result in more positive and more productive outcomes. The children learn, play, and interact more effectively.

    Speech Language Pathologist
  • Your advice worked like a charm. A very tired pregnant working mom (and dad) thank you!

    Mother of One (and a half)
  • We are beyond grateful to Dr. Marcie -- she is a miracle worker! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to understand and improve their children's behaviors. She taught us just what we needed in order to deal with our overly aggressive two-year-old. After working with Marcie we truly feel like we have a different child at home and it is all thanks to what she taught us. Thank you!

    Mom of One
  • Clear ideas with direct and communicative applications.

    Father of Two
  • The short amount of time it took for my husband and I to participate in the Behavior Boost made it easy to fit into our very busy schedules. The Boost not only positively changed my son's behavior, but my husband and I are definitely more conscious of putting our phones away and really being 100% mentally present when focusing on our kids during our quality one-on-one time.

    Mother of Three
  • Four hours with you and it feels like I've had a year of therapy.

    Business Owner
  • Dr. Marcie's approach to behavior is practical yet no-nonsense with a sense of humor that is a breath of fresh air. And effective with ALL children — typically developing as well as those with special needs. Her workshop was very helpful.

    ABA Instructor/Special Education Teacher in a Preschool
  • A little more than a year ago when we were looking for a ABA therapist for our son, a friend of mine mentioned Dr. Marcie (I don't call her "Dr." as she has made us feel so comfortable). From the get-go she was very professional, caring, and loving, letting you know she was there to help your child and your family. What was more important for me was how she was able to work with my son and at the same time make us feel at ease that it was not going to be and easy road but with love, patience, and hard work it was possible. I can testify she has helped not only my son but my whole family and for that I will be eternally thankful. My whole family and I just want to say thank you for being part of our life!!

    Father of One
  • The workshop was extremely helpful. Dr. Marcie helped me understand how behavior in children works but specifically with my child and provided strategies to help us out.

    Mother of Two
  • Thank you for a wonderful workshop experience last Tuesday. I came away feeling inspired, reassured, and armed with a keener insight into my students' behavioral needs. I've already incorporated your advice and while things are obviously not miraculously better overnight, I feel like in just a day I've made some important first steps to creating a better working relationship with my students. I've also sung your praises to my school and fellow colleagues.

    Teacher in an Elementary School
  • Dr. Marcie's workshop was filled with actual tips and strategies and the audience was inspired to use her suggestions in their practice. Immediately after the teacher presentation I had a few teachers reference her as they dealt with challenging behaviors in their classes. They took a more thoughtful approach to their practice while utilizing the recommendations made by Dr. Marcie. Dr. Marcie is approachable and communicative and has customized her presentations to meet the needs of our community in order for her time with us to be meaningful and useful.

    Director of a Preschool
  • Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! Your email and advice couldn't have come at a better moment or in more perfect language! You really are a gifted writer, along with your brilliant therapeutic technique & insights. I'm doing it! You succinctly stripped the situation down to the basics, and stated the obvious without holding back. Just what I needed.

    Mother of Three
  • Dr. Marcie, we had an amazing weekend with our son. Not only was his behavior great, but he participated more than he has at family events for probably two years. Everyone wanted to know what you are doing that's helping him so much. You were being referred to as "Dr. Marcie, the magician."

    Mother of Two
  • I wanted to express my appreciation for the weekly encouragement from your newsletters. The blog is super helpful for keeping me on track and thinking positive!

    Music Teacher in an Elementary School
  • Teachers in preschools desperately need this workshop!

    Teacher in a Preschool
  • Thank you very much. Things are going really well with our family, and our son's aggression at school has disappeared. We instituted a "no yelling" policy at home as a result of one of your newsletters talking about adult tantrums. This rule has transformed our family life!

    Mother of One
  • Dr. Marcie came to speak with my first year education students who were nervous about classroom management. The class was only 50 minutes. In that time, she did a fantastic job of explaining her philosophy with specific classroom examples and then opened up the conversation to questions and answers. She addressed every question succinctly and clearly. Her passion for helping students came through in her presentation. She is energetic, knowledgeable, funny, and kind. She is also willing to bring her years of experience to any situation where her expertise would be needed. My students loved her and felt their time with her was valuable. They all signed up for her blog and plan to enact her strategies in their own classrooms!

    Professor at a University
  • Dr. Marcie makes learning to understand and navigate behavior fun. As an occupational therapist, I find her workshops invaluable. Dr. Marcie had helped me understand the origins of behaviors I was struggling with in my sessions, and always offers effective and practical solutions. I feel more capable as a therapist, and I feel more able to empower and develop therapeutic relationships with the kiddos I work with.

    Occupational Therapist in a Private Practice
  • Dr. Marcie's video was very inspirational. I always find something useful in what Dr. Marcie shares.

    Mother of Three
  • I am an occupational therapist working at a sensory gym. I sought out Dr. Marcie to do a consultative session with one of my little ones who was having some behavioral issues that were preventing us from working on his OT goals. In one session, Marcie was able to immediately zero in on where the issue was and she offered easy practical suggestions for me, specifically for how to modify my language to avoid getting into a power struggle with my little guy, and for how to handle behavioral issues when they arose. I have to say, our sessions have dramatically improved. I feel so much more confident when behavior comes up, which happens less and less these days as my communication has become more clear with Dr. Marcie's suggestions. The little guy I work with has also begun to communicate much more effectively!

    Occupational Therapist
  • We have accomplished more this summer than I have in years of seeing several therapists for my family.

    Mother of three
  • You articulated a strategy and philosophy that I can reference in conversations with my husband—it is not me versus him.

    Mother of Two
  • Dr. Marcie's approach to the behavioral management is very clear and logical. Three simple principles can turn the wheels of classroom management around, empowering a teacher with confident approaches toward prevention of any challenging situation. Three truthful principles can help to establish authority and mutual respect.

    Director of an Elementary School
  • As a parent, a preschool director, and a teacher Dr. Marcie has helped my teachers and me to rethink the ways that we respond to our children's tantrums and demands for attention. How spectacular that once given Dr. Marcie's tools, we can really change the climate of the classroom and eliminate so many challenging behaviors! Dr. Marcie has positively impacted our communities with both a teacher workshop and a recent parent workshop.

    Mother of Two and Director of a Preschool
  • After having worked with other behaviorists and our school closely, we weren't exactly sure how much impact an in-home visit from Dr. Marcie would have on our daughter's behavior. Needless to say, we were very pleasantly surprised! To this day, we can reference the session and our daughter remembers it and remembers many of the corrections Dr. Marcie helped us implement. The session was hard work for all of us, but absolutely valuable and wish we could schedule even more frequent home sessions.

    Mother of One
  • Dr. Marcie always helps me think outside of the box. I knew a lot of things Dr. Marcie said, but didn't think of it quite that way.

    Special Education Teacher in a Preschool
  • Thank you so much for spending time with the our school community this morning. The feedback I received was off the charts. Your knowledge and guidance are truly invaluable to our teaching staff. Our teachers walked away with concrete strategies to take back to their classrooms. They are all looking forward to working with you in future. Some of the comments I received today included, "I want to be Dr. Marcie!", "She is amazing!", "Dr. Marcie is a god", "That is the best workshop I've attended."

    Head of School in a Preschool
  • Thank you! Really appreciate the support, the energy you have and the passion for what you're doing.

    Special Education Teacher in a Preschool
  • I have three children that are all in different stages and Dr. Marcie never ceases to amaze me with her wisdom regarding behavioral issues despite the age or gender. Dr. Marcie has helped me in both private and group settings. She consistently provides the clarity and framework I need to parent with confidence. Her advice is invaluable and timeless. She is and will always be my “go to” person when I am uncertain how to handle a challenging situation.

    Mother of Three
  • I wanted to let you know how amazingly helpful your presentation was for our teachers. Difficult behavior with our students is something we all struggle with and understanding the motivation behind their behavior and giving us tools to respond to that behavior is EXACTLY what we needed. You are a brilliant clinician and a super fun woman. Your presentation was absolutely perfect and I’m incredibly grateful. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. I plan to have you back again next year.

    Head of School of an Elementary School
  • You are an inspiration, Dr. Marcie! Love your work!

  • This year my little guy (who is 3) started preschool. He loves school and he has wonderful teachers but his behavior started to be a real challenge in the classroom. I received the dreaded call from the preschool telling me to pick up my little guy early that day. They told me his behavior is starting to become out of control. Panicked, we called Dr. Marcie. Not only was she reassuring, we created a plan to figure out how we could best support our son. She went to the school to observe immediately. She completely supported the teachers with next steps and gave us very insightful suggestions. Immediately his behavior has shown improvement in school after one visit from Dr. Marcie. Not only do we feel more confident as parents, our little boy is happier too. Dr. Marcie is someone that we will keep with us in the future. We are beyond grateful for her support!

    Mother of One and Special Education Teacher in a Middle School
  • I completed Dr. Marcie's Making It Count program. I am beyond grateful that I took the time to participate in this. It was an eye opener for me! I cannot wait to implement what I learned into my classroom. Dr. Marcie's energy is just absolutely refreshing!

    Teacher in an Elementary School
  • My husband and I couldn't be happier with the results we achieved after just one phone coaching session with Dr. Marcie. She was so easy to talk to and was able to provide us with simple techniques that really work to help us handle our 3 1/2 year old son's behavioral issues. Once we started implementing the tips she gave us, we saw a huge turn around in a matter of days. Knowing that we had a plan eliminated all of the guess work and gave us confidence that we were managing the situation appropriately. She has truly helped to restore a happier, healthier, and more cooperative home environment for the whole family, and for that we are so grateful!

    Mother of Two
  • We were so fortunate to have Dr. Marcie share her time and expertise with our faculty, followed by our parents. Dr. Marcie presented insightful information about behavior and VERY practical tips for making desired changes. I have heard from both teachers and parents that her approach is clear and possible! Thank you, Dr. Marcie!

    Head of School in an Elementary School
  • What you gave me is something I can always use. It's a gift that keeps on giving.

    Teacher in an Elementary School
  • I absolutely love following you page and articles! The little tidbits of advice each morning really brighten my day and make me a better parent. It is so wonderful that you openly share all your advice and suggestions as I am sure many parents find this information so valuable. I know just forwarding a few articles to my husband about certain topics you have addressed has really helped us parent better as a team, so thank you.

    Mother of Three
  • Your presentation and delivery of your practical ideas were very impactful. As a parent of 2 special need kids I took a lot from your presentation to apply and am reminded of creative ideas in my daily routine. Thanks for your time to give your ideas regarding my dance work. All the experienced professionals like yourself, teachers, and therapists hold a special place in my heart as they have been my biggest guide to help me understand and handle my special need kids.

    Mother of Two
  • Dr. Marcie jumped in and gave us concrete suggestions within the first 30 minutes of talking with her. These suggestions moreover proved extremely helpful and we saw positive improvement in our son’s most oppositional behaviors within one week.

    Mother of One
  • Dr. Marcie's advice for improving our 3 year old's most challenging behavior was magical, and worked practically overnight. Not long ago, she'd act out, we'd reprimand her, and it would spiral into a vortex of even worse behavior. Dr. Marcie taught us how we were unintentionally rewarding her behavior with attention and thereby encouraging it. But more importantly, going through her program gave us the means to deal with a variety of situations, not just the one we first approached her about. We love how she boils behavior down to three simple outcomes the child is trying to achieve, and why having the right reaction as a parent means so much. We wish someone had taught us this a long time ago!

    Dad of Two