How to Parent your Shy Child

Join the conversation between Dr. Marcie and Vickie, a parent of 2. Vickie shares her own experiences as shy child. She talks about how she worked to ensure her children did were not shy and Dr. Marcie uses Vickie's stories to show how shyness is a behavior and can be changed.

Vickie openly talks about her self as a child and as a parent. Allowing the stories she shares to be broken down behaviorally into best practices and teachable moments. With humor and honesty she shares her life with Dr. Marcie in this conversation about parenting.

If after watching you want to connect with Vickie - you can find her at

Positive Yelling!

Life is all about decisions. I had this amazing conversation on Facebook Live with a brave mom. The content was so rich and deep. The quality of the video not so great. I had a decision to make - do I share the life changing message even though the video is not the standard I usually post?


It was not an easy answer. The polish, the clean shot, the filtered audio makes it easier for you to pay attention. Yet, the content will change your life. So I thought long and hard and decided YES. I am hoping you will overlook the imperfections of the appearance to get the message that will change the relationship with your children.

Join the conversation with me (Dr. Marcie) and Amy. Learn how to stop yelling at your kids and start positive yelling. See Positive Yelling in action. Hear ways to stop the parenting differences that strain your marriage. If you want to connect directly with Amy, you can find her at

When have you had to make a similar choice - the option that looks good or the option that will be impactful?

Get Your Kids to Look at You and Listen!

Dr. Marcie reads from her new book Love Your Family Again. Action based tools are provided so you can make changes in your families life today! This chapter talks about eye contact and how to get your kids too look at you when you are talking with them. Then Dr. Marcie provides concrete solutions to keep you moving along in any situation. One small step at a time!

How to be a Great Parent!

I woke up this morning at 3:30 am. 

Wish I could say it was for something fabulous, but it wasn't. For the past 7 days, my sleep has been all over the place. I'm up when everyone else in NYC is asleep and asleep when everyone is up. It was ok over the weekend but during the work week, it is creating some interesting caffeine habits.

Thankfully, I know why this is happening. I spent two weeks on the other side of the earth and my body is taking its time to adjust to Eastern Standard Time.

One of the things that is keeping me going is my routine. I have a strong morning routine and evening routine when I am home. Getting back into those habits, along with some self-discipline is a life saver.

What does that actually mean?

It means that while I woke up at 3:30 in the morning, I did not let myself get out of bed until 6:30am. When I did get out of bed, I did my morning routine (shower, get dressed, meditate, breakfast...). Acting as if it was a normal day and not like I had already been up for 3 hours. Knowing what normal means is super helpful.

What is your normal? What are the habits that you can go back to when things feel wacky?

This week, I read the last chapter from Love Your Family Again. It is all about the solid foundational elements that make you great! Yes, it is framed around how to be a great parent, but while you listen think about the other areas of your life where you can use these same tools to build amazingness!

Check out the video. After watching the video, your action step is to go to Amazonand get your copy of Love Your Family Again. It is a #1 Best Seller! 

How to Parent when You are Overwhelmed

As a kid, I always thought that my parents had all the answers. Teachers knew everything. Adults overall had some magic way of knowing what to do all the time.

Turns out - we don't!

There is no ultimate right answer that you always know or correct way to do things. Gosh, even as I write this blog, I wonder if I am writing the right thing to entice you to watch the video I made about this topic. 

Some days, I wish there was someone to tell me the right answer, so that I know I am making all the right decisions. If I stay thinking about that long enough, I get overwhelmed.

So many decisions each and every day need to be made. 

Rather than waiting for someone to confirm that I am making the right answer, I find my way out of overwhelm and back into action. This is how I handle overwhelm. Deciding what the next small step is and doing that. Again and again and again. 

Maybe feeling overwhelmed is a good thing. It means that you have a full and rich life. Rather than cutting back on life, lets just find a way to juggle more balls!

Check out this video - another chapter from Love Your Family Again - where I dive deeper into how to face overwhelm. After watching the video, your next action step can be to go to Amazon and get your copy of Love Your Family Again.

How to Raise Polite Kids

It is the actions we take that show people around us who we are! It is also our actions that show others around us how to behave in our presence. 

Do you find yourself frustrated by how your children treat you? Are you beside yourself with how they speak to you? Over and over and over again, I hear from parents that their kids are rude. Parents are shocked at the tone their kids use, the language they use and the manners they have.

I don't always know where kids learn this behavior, though I have some suspicions.

I do know how to change the behavior!

First, you need to model what you want. If you want your kids to be polite to you, you MUST be polite to them. Think about it, do you say please and thank you when speaking with your kids?

Second, you need to teach them directly. Don't hope they figure it out, spell it out for them. Talk about the behavior your want to see, over and over and over again. 

Third, put the teaching into practice. As in, you create situations for your small one to practice the skills you want them use.

If you want your kids to say please and thank you - then you need to use them, talk about using them and then practice your kids using them. 

For more details on exactly how to do this, check out my video from this week! It is Chapter 10 from Love Your Family Again. I share the best way to teach your kids to say please and thank you every time!

Keaton Jones Leaves Me with One Huge Question...

Have you listened to Keaton Jones? Have you watched the video?

If not - click here. It has been shared by 

Last week, Keaton Jones a middle schooler sat in his car with his mother and shared a story. His story of being bullied. It was honest and open. It shows the pain he experienced. How amazing and brave he is to share this moment with the world!

Millions have watched his video. Millions have reached out to this amazing boy and offered friendship, compassion and their own stories of bullying.

It is all very touching!

Yet, as I read through the posts, I see a huge question that goes unanswered - What do we do create a change?

Let's not just share stories about bullying. Let's not just share compassion for the struggle that countless are going through.

Let's share answers and change this behavior!

There are so many ways to stop bullying... 

1. As adults we need to model kindness and compassion. Too often we model negative conversations that our children repeat. Be aware of your words. How would those words sound if it came out of your child's mouth.

2. Have the ongoing conversation with your children about what is amazing about their classmates and peers. It is unique when this conversation happens within your family or about friends. Name 3 things amazing about your best friend is one of my favorite questions to ask kids. It is unheard of to have this type of conversation about classmates your kids don't get along with. This is a way to stop bullying - find the good in anyone. Take the time to make this a daily conversation. It is perfect dinner conversation!

3. Pay attention to what is being said by others. Listen to conversations and step in when it is unkind. Be bold enough to intervene, even if it is not your place. Dare to interject. Too many bullying situations are done within earshot of someone who chose to stay silent. Don't let this be you!

4. Know that ALL behavior can change. Zero tolerance for bullying does not solve this problem. Those who bully need support to change. Don't write off a bully as a bad seed or bad person, they are not. They have bad behavior that needs to be addressed. Find a way to teach kindness, to teach compassion, to teach how to be a good friend. For bullying to truly stop, the conversation needs to include all parties - the bullies, the bullied and the bystanders.

5. Your turn...fill in number else can we come together and stop bullying....share your answers below... 

6. Yours too...

7. Last one for you...