Keaton Jones Leaves Me with One Huge Question...

Have you listened to Keaton Jones? Have you watched the video?

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Last week, Keaton Jones a middle schooler sat in his car with his mother and shared a story. His story of being bullied. It was honest and open. It shows the pain he experienced. How amazing and brave he is to share this moment with the world!

Millions have watched his video. Millions have reached out to this amazing boy and offered friendship, compassion and their own stories of bullying.

It is all very touching!

Yet, as I read through the posts, I see a huge question that goes unanswered - What do we do create a change?

Let's not just share stories about bullying. Let's not just share compassion for the struggle that countless are going through.

Let's share answers and change this behavior!

There are so many ways to stop bullying... 

1. As adults we need to model kindness and compassion. Too often we model negative conversations that our children repeat. Be aware of your words. How would those words sound if it came out of your child's mouth.

2. Have the ongoing conversation with your children about what is amazing about their classmates and peers. It is unique when this conversation happens within your family or about friends. Name 3 things amazing about your best friend is one of my favorite questions to ask kids. It is unheard of to have this type of conversation about classmates your kids don't get along with. This is a way to stop bullying - find the good in anyone. Take the time to make this a daily conversation. It is perfect dinner conversation!

3. Pay attention to what is being said by others. Listen to conversations and step in when it is unkind. Be bold enough to intervene, even if it is not your place. Dare to interject. Too many bullying situations are done within earshot of someone who chose to stay silent. Don't let this be you!

4. Know that ALL behavior can change. Zero tolerance for bullying does not solve this problem. Those who bully need support to change. Don't write off a bully as a bad seed or bad person, they are not. They have bad behavior that needs to be addressed. Find a way to teach kindness, to teach compassion, to teach how to be a good friend. For bullying to truly stop, the conversation needs to include all parties - the bullies, the bullied and the bystanders.

5. Your turn...fill in number else can we come together and stop bullying....share your answers below... 

6. Yours too...

7. Last one for you...

How to Be Positive in Your Parenting!

Last week was a friends birthday. As a gift I got her a huge bunch of balloons. Living in New York City, I walk for most of errands. 

Yes, you got the picture right, I was walking down the street with huge bunch of balloons. Did I mention that one of them was a singing balloon? Yup, it sings Happy Birthday, loud and clear. So I was walking down the street with a huge bunch of balloons playing Happy Birthday.

New Yorkers can be really friendly, especially when you carry lots of balloons. So many people wished me happy birthday. Others just smiled at the balloons. I smiled back. I said thank you for the birthday wishes.

Honestly, mostly I laughed at myself as I bopped along the way to my friends festivities. It was such a great adventure and the birthday party had not even started yet! 

When was the last time you had such an adventure? When was the last time you created this type of adventure with your small beings?

Finding positive moments to have fun is critical to creating a happy family and raising amazing kids. Some adults, are not so great at seeing the opportunities for excitement. If that is you, this weeks blog is especially for you!

This week I read Part 3 from my new book Love Your Family Again. Some side commentary and interjections are made to bring the chapter to life!

Ants in their pants: Help Your Child Sit Still. Chapter 2 from Love Your Family Again (FB Live)

Have you been to one of my workshops? Have you seen me speak? Have you met me in person? If you have, you know that I don't sit still. I am often in motion. 

I was recently given the complement that I don't walk, I bounce. Most days that is true. Life is just too exciting to walk everywhere :) So I have more than just a little bounce in my step!

As an adult, it is a compliment that I embrace. If I was a small being, it would a very different story. Chances are, I would get in lots of trouble for the amount of motion my body is in. Either at home or school, kids are asked to be still often.

One of the chapters of my new book is about exactly this behavior - sitting still. I don't want to give too many details away but sometimes the behavior problem lies in the hands of the adults not the children. Check out this weeks blog to find out exactly what I mean.

This week I read Chapter 2 from my new book Love Your Family Again. Some side commentary and interjections are made to bring the chapter to life.

id you hear that it is a #1 Best Seller?!? If you have not ordered your copy of Love Your Family Again yet - get it on Amazon NOW!!

Dr. Marcie's Ultimate Happy Dance with Lisa Nichols

You have heard me talk about doing a Happy Dance to celebrate your child's accomplishments. Taking steps to celebrate is critical. Last week, my new book, Love Your Family Again was released and became a number one best seller!! 

I was in a training with Lisa Nichols, learning how to make an even bigger impact on the world. When she created a space for my ultimate happy dance!! She also spoke about the impact of Love Your Family Again can have in the world. I am so touched by her encouragement, enthusiasm and vision. 

How you celebrate the steps you take, is just as important as the work you put into each step! This was a fantastic celebration!!

Is My Kid just a BAD Kid?

One of the most popular questions I get asked from parents is: Have you ever seen a kid as bad as mine? My answer is always the same - Your kiddo is amazing! The behavior could use some work. 

There is a big difference between bad kids and bad behavior. The first one, bad kids don't exist. No child is trying to get in trouble or be bad. They did not become evil or are not so set in their behavior that it can't change.

Behavior can be bad. 

Here is the good news: ALL behavior can change.

This means, that your child is never a bad human. They might just need some new ways to behave. If that is the case, you are in in the right place!

Check out this video - its chapter 13 from my new book, Love Your Family Again. 

Dr. Marcie reads from her new book Love Your Family Again. Action based tools are provided so you can make changes in your families life today! This chapter talks about the difference between bad kids and bad behavior. Your child might do bad things, but that does not make him/her a bad kid. Get the concrete tools to change your perspective, so you can change the problem behavior.

How to have success with Technology and your Kids! Chapter 19 from Love Your Family Again (FB Live)

Dr. Marcie reads from her new book Love Your Family Again. Action based tools are provided so you can make changes in your families life today! Find out how to have success with screens in your home.

Ideas into action

Parents: Sit down with your kids today and make technology rules. It's the first step to successful interactions around technology!

Teachers: Talk about the benefits of technology each day in your class. How does it help support learning?

She Can't Tell Me Why She Did It!


Do you ask your kids why they did something all day long and never get a satisfying answer? Then join me because I will give you that answer and help you get satisfaction in the future!!

This week's Magic Monday Morning, on my Facebook page - Dr. Marcie Beigel is Scenario 8 in Love Your Family Again, my new book, which will be released on November 15, 2017!

Scenario 8 is all about how to approach your children when all you want to do is ask WHY! Also, you will get all the insights about my upcoming Behavior Bootcamp on October 28th and 29th, where we will be diving in and exploring exactly how behavior works and creating about action-based plans for you and your family! 

My Children Need ALL of My Attention!

So, I started this new thing... It is called Magic Monday Mornings!! I will be on my Facebook Page - Dr. Marcie Beigel, hosting a Facebook Live Event every Monday morning starting at 8 am! We will celebrate your accomplishments and find ways to do it better when your weekend came with some bumps!

Each Monday, I will also be reading a chapter from my new book, Love Your Family Again, releasing on November 15, 2017! I just can't wait for it to be published!! 

This week's Magic Monday Morning was Scenario 5 in Love Your Family Again. This scenario is all about the children that need ALL of your attention. Join me each Monday for new scenarios and practical behavior tools for you and your family! 

Watch below for your weekly dose of magic!!

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