After My Sabbatical

September 2018 I went on a 6 sabbatical. While my VIP clients knew I began my sabbatical, I did not make any declaration on social media or public announcement. For the first two months, I struggled with how to let people know I was on sabbatical, especially business contacts. I was scared I would disappoint them. I was scared I would harm the relationship I worked so many years building. I was scared that a child would not get the right help while I was resting and traveling. Slowly, I figured out how to give myself the same compassion I gave parents and teachers for so many years. I am “back” from sabbatical. Originally I thought when I came back, I would open the doors back up to my practice to start working with families immediately, while doing 2-5 speaking engagements a month, as I had done before. I haven’t and I don’t plan to. Yes, I will continue to help families but something has shifted.

While I traveled on my sabbatical I reconnected with my deep love for helping teachers. After all, I started my career as a special education teacher. I also spoke at the Royal Australian Navy about culture change. While I have spoken for businesses before, this felt different. It reminded me how important behavior change is everywhere.

It is now April 2019 and I am redefining my company, Behavior and Beyond. Focusing foremost on teachers, creating a platform for a year long behavior training. Teachers need to not only learn about behavior, they also need support putting it in place with the individual children in their classroom. I want to walk with teachers from September to June, helping them apply all their wisdom. While I am working on the technical side of building an online program for teachers, I am starting simple! A FB group – Behavior and Beyond for Teachers. Come join me!

For families, I am providing Planning Session to help them define the path to take with their family. Giving families the blue print to make the changes their family needs. They are intense and impactful! For a few select families, only 10 a year, I will provide In-Home Retreats. The In-Home Retreats are me for 72 hours straight, they are amazing! Part of the power is the intensity of such a long time together as it allows for a ton of repetition and practice. The other part is that you, the family, have to be deeply invested in change for this to be a program you elect into. Your dedication makes all the difference when it comes to putting ideas into action.

As for businesses, I will seek out more training opportunities, so that executives and employees can understand how behavior impacts productivity, culture and client relationships. I am also consulting with more businesses and sharing my knowledge with companies. If you have a need, lets talk.

So the journey is just beginning! It is exciting and scary! It is full of possibility, which I chose to see optimistically! If there is any way I can help you – personally, with your family, classroom, school or business – please reach out. I am in the creative phase of building and would love to help design something just for you!

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