Happy Fathers Day!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, I know, its not Fathers Day yet. Perhaps this is the moment to celebrate all week. What do you say, shall we make it Fathers Week?

Then we can make it Mothers Week and Birthday Week and Last Day of School Week…

I do like this plan. You know me, always looking for more reasons to celebrate 🙂

So, whether you want to make it Fathers Week instead of Fathers Day, this week I have a great video for you. Just like I did a video with my mom for Mothers Day, I did a video with my dad. You might see where I get some of my silliness from when you watch.

It was so interesting to sit and talk with him about being a parent. Hearing the challenges he had and discussing some of the bumps that happened in my past. The biggest theme is communication.

My dad and I communicate very differently. Now we have a great relationship and find the ways around our communication differences, as a child that was not the case. There were many miscommunications that resulted in some bad behavior.

I know, its shocking that I had bad behavior but I did. I had more than my share of meltdowns as a child.

t was wonderful sitting down with my dad to share these stories and insights with you…enjoy!