I broke my boiler last week…with my mind

I really do think that I broke my boiler last week with just my thoughts!

Let me tell you the story…

Last Tuesday a friend from Canada messaged me that she was having plumbing issues. It’s January, which means it is really really cold in Canada right now (at least in my mind).

My response, at 9pm was “Oh no, I hope the plumbing is all worked out and that your heat was not impacted.” with a bunch of finger crossed emojis. One day I will learn how to put emojis in these emails, #goals!

Wednesday morning, less than 12 hours later, I woke up and had no heat. I had no hot water. My boiler has a flashing red light and everything on the internet said that I needed a plumber. This was not a fix it yourself type of moment.

My heat has never gone out. I have not lost hot water since I moved into this lovely apartment. Yet, less than 12 hours after I mention hot water going out to a friend, mine is out.

I am convinced my words Tuesday night manifested Wednesday morning!

Now, let’s get into what this means to me and perhaps what it may mean to you.

Do I believe in magic, manifestation, intuition? Yes!

Do I think this was manifestation gone wrong? No!

Do I think this was my intuition sensing something was up in my apartment? Maybe.

Am I sharing this because I want you to see my magical powers? Nope!

Did I learn something more important that is actually what today’s story is about? YES!

What I took away from this is to pay attention to my words and use them intentionally. I could have said, “I hope the plumbing is all worked out and you are warm and cozy at home.” Regardless of my beliefs of manifestation, this would have been a warmer message to receive.

(See what I did with my works there…hehe)

I also starting thinking about the power of my perspective. I could wallow in the bad luck of my boiler breaking down, which I did not do. I could have gotten angry when the plumber could not come till the next day, which I did not do. I could have been miserable all day, which I also did not do.

What I did was look for the silver linings. I started looking for the good things in my day, rather than fixating on the bad.

Here is the list I came up with:

1. It was a high of 50 degrees that day, so my apartment stayed pretty warm.

2. The store below me had its heat on and that kept me warm during the day.

3. I had a friend with an empty guest room where I could stay for the night.

4. The plumber was coming the next day. Not the next week or month.

5. My electricity and internet were still on so I could work and did not need to cancel my entire day.

All of this came down to 2 big lessons for me:

1. My words are important and I want to be more intentional with them.

2. Perspective is powerful. I can decide where my focus goes and I want to keep focusing on the good around me, more than I focus on the bad.

Perhaps these are lessons you needed this week also?

We can not always control what is unfolding around us. We can control how we talk about it and where we put our attention. Specifically we can control where we put our intentional attention.

All of this has me thinking about doing a training for you about the power of our words. More coming on this next week!

Blue skies ~ Dr. Marcie

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