Life is full of endings and beginnings.  Today is New Years day, a great beginning.  At breakfast tables around the world Beings are creating new years resolutions and discussing what 2014 will bring into their lives.


Take this opportunity to start something new with the small beings in your life!  Talk with them about what they may want to bring into their lives.  Make sure you let them express their ideas and validate their thoughts.  Talk with them about what you want to bring into your life and what you want to do better in the next year.


Maybe it is time to start a new set of house rule.  Maybe it is time to start eating vegetables every day.  Maybe it is time to learn a new skill like riding a bike or tying shoes or sewing or a new language.  Make your resolutions in positive concrete language, so you can be clear about when and how to work on them.  Talk with your small beings about how you are going to make each of the goals a reality.


For me, this new year I want to get back to basics by looking at my rules to live by and making sure I am really living these words: Mean what I say and say what I mean; Actions speak louder than words; and You catch more bees with honey than vinegar.  I also want to practice yoga more: 2 full practices a week.  What will you and your small beings bring into you lives?


Happy New Year!!

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