Home School Schedule: 3 Things You Are Missing

Going back to school this year, means learning from home fo so many kids. Whether your kids are home schooling, in a pod, or distance learning, schedule are critical. Your homeschooling schedule may be missing these 3 elements.

  1. Who is your child learning with? Sometimes it is just a simple question and other times it is to problem solve technology. Having on the schedule who your child needs to connect with is critical for the family flow.
  2. Where is your child learning? Schedules need to include this detail now that everyone is home all day. There is not the same flexibility to move throughout your home and find a new spot on a whim. Schedule where your child is learning and where you are working for success in your days.
  3. What happens when learning is complete? When your child finishes their work, define what fun activities awaits. This will allow the schedule to not just be a list of details. It will also create motivation within the schedule to stay on task.

Take these 3 elements and put them in place on your schedule. See how this improves the flow of work in your home!