How to Get Your Kids to Listen

Have you ever watch Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dance? It’s beautiful and mesmerizing! They seamlessly respond to the tiniest of signals like they’re reading each other’s minds.

This is how behavior works between you and your small being! Your small being does something and you take it as a signal to respond. The action you take in turn provides clues to your small being about how to react. And so the dance goes on and on and on.

Just like Fred and Ginger, the moment one of you changes direction, the other one is impacted. Your course shifts as you adjust to each other.

So then what’s happening between you and your small being when problem behavior occurs?

It appears that your small being is simply not listening to you. True.

But is there something more going on?

Click below to find out how to start feeling like your small being is listening to you.

Insight Into Action!

Parents: What is one tiny step you will take towards making your words match your actions?

Teachers: How can you interpret this concept to your classroom?

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