What Kids Want Adults to Know About Enforcing Rules

Want a secret?

I’ll share one if you promise not to tell.

Once a week I have ice cream – for dinner!

Even worse, I usually have midnight cookie: chocolate mint ice cream with Oreo cookies mixed in. It’s sinfully good and I smile at every bite.

It’s not the healthiest habit, but it makes me so happy. I feel like a little kid tiptoeing to the freezer for an extra scoop.

What an even BIGGER secret? I secretly wish someone would stop me from eating ice cream for dinner. I know it’s not good for me and I’d love for someone to save me from myself!

Having spent so much time with small beings, I’ve learned a few of the secrets they don’t ever tell their parents or teachers. One is that they truly want the adults in their lives to enforce the rules!

Who knew?!

Click below to find out for yourself direct from a kid!

Insight Into Action!

Parents: How can you remind yourself when you encounter resistance from your small being that they actually want you to enforce the rules?

Teachers: When have you recognized your students wanting you to enforce the rules?

With a little help we can all grow. If a special person in your life can use this information, then please forward this blog.

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