Negotiations and Sensory Processing: Parenting Help for Siblings

Growing up Lainie Donnell faced educational challenges. She worked hard to understand she learned best and overcame every obstacle. Now, she is an educational therapist and spends her days helping students master their own learning strategies. When she is not doing that, she is with her own 2 children. I hear they are amazing!

Lainie and I sat down to discuss her children and career. Her two children are different and therefore need different parenting strategies.

Her daughter loves to negotiate everything. While this can be a great quality, it all depends on when it happens. Lainie asked how to teach her when it is time to debate and when it is time to follow through. A great question! Maybe a situation you can relate to?

Her son has sensory processing challenges. The first question was all about his potty training. Potty training can have such a big impact on your life, so I was so happy we were talking about it. A few small steps can lead to big changes! We talked generally about how to support his sensory needs in a behavioral way. Often time behavioral tools are not thought of when talking about the sensory system, yet, I find that they go hand in hand beautifully!

At the end, Lainie shares about her career. If you want to know more about educational therapy, tune in. Find out more about her work at