Parenting Webinars

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about what my role is. I keep hearing that question in my head, “What is my role?”. Do you ever think about that?

I have been asking this question specifically in terms of the war we are  witnessing, the division we are experiencing, and the heartbreak we are feeling.

What is my role? To answer that, I have been looking into who I am.

Who am I? I am someone who helps families find more love. I am someone who brings hope to people who have lost hope. I am someone who thinks in concrete, action based tools. I am someone who believes that everyone has magic inside of themselves.

When I look at that list, all elements I have intentionally worked over time to bring out in myself, I see my role clearly.

My role is to be part of the healing at this moment. My role is to help build bridges back from division. My role is to hold the pain of this moment with the possibility of tomorrow being better. My role is to share hope!

One way I am doing this is by creating webinars for parents.

One webinar, recorded live on October 15, 2023 is How to talk to your kids about war. Register here for free to receive this recording.

The second webinar, recorded live on November 7, 2023 is Parenting with Love in a time of Hate. Register here fro free to receive this recording.

They each are about an hour and contain concepts to help you think through these difficult topics, strategies to help you connect with your kids, and tools to use while having difficult conversations.

If you are wondering what your role is, perhaps you will get some insight there. If you are wondering how to talk to your kids, perhaps you will get some insight there. If you are wondering if you are alone in your heartbreak, perhaps you will find connection there.

I am here to support you, as you support your family! So if there are additional ways I can support you, let me know!

May you and your family be safe and well – Dr. Marcie