I’m NOT Superhuman

I write a weekly email…this week I shared with my list how I write my emails and some feelings that recently came up about it. Perhaps you have had your own experience like this. Here is what I shared…enjoy!

I’m not sure I ever shared with you how I write these emails.

I have been told many times about the advantages of writing them in advance. Batch writing content, for example taking one day and writing all the emails for the month, is a something method.

Yes, there are benefits to writing this way.

No, this is not how I currently write these emails.

Over the years, I have tried many different strategies and systems. Researched the best ways and then did it the ‘right’ way.For the last year or so, I have written in a way that feels best to me, which is not the ‘right way’. I wake up Tuesday morning, meditate, get ready for the day, and then write you an email. I don’t have a list of topics or a plan for what I am going to share. I write what inspires me on that day, in real time.

Ok, full truth, on weeks when there is a podcast episode coming out or a webinar I’m doing, I know that I will share about that. But the story and the personal elements I share in the email, they all flow that day.

I find that writing the morning I am sending you the email allows me to be more open, transparent, and honest about what is important to me at this moment. The world is changing so fast right now, that I want to connect with you about today. Not yesterday or last week or 3 weeks ago.

Working this way means that sometimes there are hiccups.

You may have noticed, or not, that I did not send out an email last week.

Last Tuesday, I woke up and was getting ready to sit down and write to you when I realized I needed a nap. Yup, I had been up for about 30 minutes and all I wanted to do was go back to bed. I felt awful!

So, I did. Sorry – I took a nap instead of writing to you. I also canceled my day.

Another truth – If I wrote to you, it would have been nonsense.

But every 30 minutes I kept waking myself up thinking that I needed to write to you. Then I would think, ‘it’s ok, I can do it in a little bit.’ Over and over. I didn’t want to accept that I was sick, my mind was foggy, and writing to you was not going to happen even though that is what was unfolding.

Ignored in all of this was that I had no idea what I was going to share with you. I had no inspiration or story to share. I’m not sure I even thought about that, it was more that I felt obligated to stick to the routine and send you my weekly email.

I then thought, I can just write to you on Wednesday. One extra day would be fine.

Well, Wednesday came and I used all my energy and focus with my private clients. During sessions I felt good and clear. It was amazing how my body pushed aside sickness and exhaustion to support others. I felt superhuman!

After my sessions, I sat here to write to you and again was so tired I needed to lie down. I had no thoughts to share and so wisdom to impart. I was so confused, where did my superhuman energy go?

Wednesday evening I had to accept…even though sometimes I feel superhuman, I am not superhuman. I was sick and I needed to rest. I was tired and needed to sleep. When I am inspired, then I can write to you.

With great regret, I accepted that I was not going to write to you last week because I did not have the energy or inspiration to do so. I was (and still am a little) worried that I let you down, worried that I disappointed you, worried that this means I am doing it all wrong.

However, when I sit quietly and get clear, what it really feels like all it means is that I am human.

I am human and write to you in real time!

This means that I can connect with you in such a beautiful, open, and timely way some of the time. This also means that I need breaks, hit bumps, and have delays others. All are part of being human.

It makes me wonder, where else in my life would I benefit from accepting my humanity? Where else would it be helpful to acknowledge this duality that lives within me (superhuman and human)?

Do you have moments like this? Where you could benefit from seeing the greatness and challenge in your humanity?

Not to get too grand but all this makes me curious about what the world would be like if we all accepted the highs and lows within each of us.

So, here is my golden nugget in relation to being human:

Allow yourself grace!

Yes, that’s it. This past week I have given myself a lot of grace to rest, to reschedule, to push deadlines, to be shorter with my patience.

I did not take this as a moment to be unkind or irresponsible. I took it as a moment to accept my humanity and share with others my own human limitations. It allowed for the space I needed to heal and recover.

Yes, I am still tired. Yes, I am doing much better than last week at this time. Yes, I am accepting that I can not do it all! None of us can.

Small steps lead to big changes, so I am going to keep taking small steps back to health and back to balance of superhuman moments and human moments!

Blue skies

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