5 Ways to Shift Perspective in Your Classroom

Henry Ford said, “Wether you think we can or think you can’t, your right.” This is how powerful our perspective is. Thinking that we can will lead us to success. Thinking that we can’t will lead to failure. 

The exciting piece is that we can decide our perspective. We can change our perspective. We just need to know how.

Here are 5 Action Based ways to Shift Perspective:

1. Listen to the words you use. Not only are speaking the words you say, you are also hearing them and believing them. We can describe the same situation in language that is positive and empowering or negative and demoralizing. Do you say things like, “I have a big problem” or do you say, “I have an interesting situation.” Both can be related to the same challenge. It is simply a shift of language which dictates a shift of perspective.

2. Be intentional with what you place in your environment. In my home I have artwork full of inspiring saying, like, “I am amazing, remember that.” If you have listened to me talk, I say the word amazing frequently. Probably because I am seeing this word all the time. The word, language and perspective that you want, place in your environment (home, classroom, office, car). Visual reminders can be powerful ways to influence your perspective.

3. Practice the perspective you want to have. It may sound silly and often it feels silly. It is also impactful. For just 5 minutes a day tell yourself a story about the person you are, the adventures you are having, the successes you accomplish. Playing pretend in this way will shift your perspective to believe it is possible.

4. Take small steps and celebrate each step. Seeing success in small ways keeps you on track to accomplish big things. This prevents overwhelm and the misconception that you are not making progress, when you are. Start with one small step, recognize it, celebrate it and watch as your perspective shifts.

5. Surround yourself with people who share the perspective you want. They will help you see the views that you are missing. They are the people who you go to with questions and situations, so you want to make sure their ideas are in line with who you want to be.

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