Building Bridges Between Parents and Teachers

Lately, I have had countless conversations that break my heart!

Parents blaming teachers for all their behavior problems. Teachers complaining that parents are the reason kids don’t listen. The complaints go on and on and on.
Why is this anyone’s solution? Why are we blaming each other? What does that achieve?

The actual solution is to remember that we are all on the same team. We all, parents and teachers alike, are working to raise up our children. Working to teach them life skills and how to be amazing humans. We all want our kids to thrive.

When there are problems, let’s talk. When there are problems, let’s be understanding. When there are problems, let’s ask high quality questions so we can find the answers together.

I found myself over and over again talking about how to treat each other with love and compassion. Teachers – love the parents of your kids and know they are doing the best they can. Many without training or support. Parents – have compassion for your teachers who have chosen to wake up each day and help your child learn and grow. From this place, everything is possible! From this place, children will learn and behaviors will change.

When we come together amazing things happen! Watch this heartfelt video to hear a few more thoughts about the importance of parents and teachers coming together…