About two months ago, I launched a redesigned and structured website (the one you’re reading right now). What do you think? The major difference is that I have a section for parents and a section for professionals (teachers, therapists, babysitters…those who work with small beings). Yet, I decided to keep just one blog. Did you notice? A few people have asked for who is the blog written, parents or professionals? My decision is both!

Here’s why I think my blog works for both parents and professionals: Behavior principals are the same for being of all sizes. Parents need behavioral guidance on how to play with their small beings in certain specific situations, such as bedtime, vacation and within family dynamics. Professionals need behavioral guidance on how to play with their small beings in other situations, for instance while trying to teach math skills, the rules of their school or within classroom dynamics. While the details are different, ultimately both groups are big beings and need to learn the rules of behavior with small beings. (Tweet)

There’s a lot of information out there just for parents or just for professionals. It makes sense to differentiate, as there are different circumstances. Yet, there’s also a big need to bring these two populations together and consider how we’re all working towards a common goal — amazingness of small beings. Let’s find the common ground and common language to help small beings thrive!

Here’s the plan: I’m going to share wisdom about behavior. If the details of the examples don’t apply, then I encourage you to keep reading anyway. The details can always change, but it’s the big underlying message that’s the same for all big beings. Can you find the message. thought or tool that will apply to you? There should always be a piece that you can take away and it’s my hope that we can all apply behavioral principals to all situations with small beings

Insight into Action!

Have you used a behavioral tool or strategy with a small being? Was it in a classroom/professional setting or a home setting? How did it go? When you share in the comments it helps us all see the common struggles that exist for both parents and professionals.

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With a little help we can all grow. If a special person in your life can use this information, then please forward this blog.