Do you feel like an Imposter?

Do you ever feel like an imposter as a parent? You are certain that someone is going to find out that you have it all wrong and come take your children away?

You are not alone. In fact, imposter syndrome is something that happens in all sorts of areas of our life. I share my own personal imposter syndrome.

There are few things to remember when facing these feelings as a parent:

1. It is more important that you show up, then have all the answers.

2. Let your children see that you are human and make mistakes, instead of showing them you are perfect.

3. High quality attention is always better than high quantity of attention.

When you are suck in feeling like an imposter here are 2 things to do:

1. Look for evidence of when you were a good parent. It’s there! Remind yourself of these moments. You can always ask a friend for some reminders.

2. When you do stumble, consider what you want to do differently next time. You are not alway going to do the right thing. As long as you keep learning, you are on the right track.

Happy Parenting!