Talking to Your Kids about the Riots at the Capitol

As you wake up January 7th and are wondering what to say to your children about the events that occurred yesterday at the Capitol, consider this: It is not just about how you explain the events of yesterday to your children. It is about how you share your views and ideas about the world and humanity. It is how you raise them on a daily basis. It is about how you show them what it means to be a good person. It is about finding the lesson that they need to learn, not just getting lost in the destruction.

What does that sound like? Depends on the age of your child.

Perhaps it sounds like this: “Our words are powerful and our actions matter. Yesterday, some people used their words and actions in ways that were not ok, in ways that were destructive and hurtful, in ways that were against the law. We heard people tell lies, you know it is not ok to lie. We saw people go into places they did not belong, you know it is important to respect private property and peoples spaces. We saw people fight because they didn’t like the answers they had receive. You know we sometimes have to accept things we don’t like and that is part of life. We saw people use force to get what they wanted, you know we use our words and talk through our problems. You know it is ok to disagree with your friends and still be friends and respectful. You know what good behavior is and how to be an amazing human – we need to be an example of what that looks like for others, because some people are still learning.’

Share a few ways that they can be an amazing human today!

Then tomorrow, remind them again to be an amazing human and what that looks like. Then the day after and the day after and the day after. That is what makes you an amazing parent – to be willing to have the real conversations each and every day.