Dr. Marcie and Rick Kaempfer, author of Father Knows Nothing, speak with candor and humor about how to get small beings to do what you need them to do…using unconventional means.

They’ll gives you great ideas about:

    • how to feel good as a parent even if you don’t feel like don’t know what you’re doing
    • tips on dealing with small beings who descend into the teenage years
    • what to do when teenagers don’t want to talk to you anymore
    • how being a stay at home dad — or mom — is truly a full-time job
    • how doing the thing that takes care of you — scheduled time for yourself — can help you find the levity in parenting
    • viewing the same exact interaction with your small beings with a different lens can change your feeling and reaction to it
    • how setting up a positive reinforcement schedule can maybe get your kids to stop fighting for up to three months!
    • how writing about parenting is creating a treasure for yourself later on (Tweet)

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