Advocacy, Anxiety, and ADHD – Podcast Episode 9

Episode 9 of Season 1 of Love Your Family Again and Again and Again and Again – Dr. Marcie’s new podcast.

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Elisabeth is the mother of Angus and step-mom to Imogene. Most of our session focused on Angus or the dynamics of co-parenting. Her and her husband Joel have different parenting styles and that is typical in most families with two parents. The challenge is accepting that your partner will parent differently than you and that is ok!

The main topic in our conversation is that her son has ADHD and Elisabeth is not always sure how to communicate to school or with camp about his unique needs. She wants to honor the expertise of the professionals and knows that her son does not fit in the boxes that most teachers or counselors put kids in. We talked about boldly sharing about Angus. Sharing how he engages in environments and solutions to help them make his days easier. Not just saying he has a hard time with transitions, but also giving strategies the teachers can easily use to help him thrive.

We also talked about how hard it can be to let your child learn, which sometimes means letting them fail. Elisabeth has a hard time watching Angus struggle and I reminded her that this is part of life. Learning to do hard things and struggle is a critical life skill. Helping her son learn this now will make him a resilient adult and that is an important skill for a long and happy life.

At the end of the podcast Elisabeth shares that her one big take away is that she can do hard things, just like she wants to teach her son to do hard things. So she will sit down and write the letter that she knows will help him be successful in school and camp!