Great Parents are Constantly Learning

About the Episode

Christian is a dad of a 7 year old Daughter, Malia. They live with his girlfriend Go To Glitter In the house hold – watching music videos is the

Go To Glitter

Go back and forth between music that is current, music form Dad’s childhood, music from before dad was born. Malia gets to decide first several songs 🙂

Dr. Marcie’s Must Make Moves

1. Balance between technology and playing with 3D object. Having time on screens can help us learn and grow. As can playing with kitchen sets and blocks

2. Teach appreciation over entitlement. It is ok to have lots of things and for her to receive from so many. It is important to create ways for her to appreciate all she has and share with others who are less fortunate. Donation of her overflow is a great way to teach this.

3. Share your own experiences as an emotional guide for her learning. Even when our kids have great wisdom, they still need the lessons and we can give them that while sharing out our lives. When she asks how your day is, share the emotional experience to help her learn new tools and strategies!

Golden Nugget

This Golden Nugget was touched on as an underlying theme throughout the session, not one specific strategy. Just because I think she is great and in touch with her feelings and emotions, don’t take for granted. Foster that. Don’t assume she has it and let her do her own thing. She is going to come across problems of her own. I need to sit with her and go through them and give her the tools!