Parenting Evolution: How your parenting skills grow as you grow

About this episode

Julia is part of a family of 5. Her husband, Javon, who she has known for 18 years and been married to for 4. Her older daughter Lila, who is 11 years old. Her younger daughter Zora, who is 2 years old. The fifth family member is her dog, Jezze, a poodle mix. She is a doula and you can find her on instagram at @357HolisticServices

Got To Glitter

The go to glitter for Julia and her family is ‘so simple’ she says, it is walking to the park. Not a playground, the park that is a big open flied. When we get there there is conversation just flowing and they are learning things about each other and making jokes. Walking to the park brings out good, earnest conversation and makes the day great!

Dr. Marcie’s Must Make Moves

1. Relationships are two way streets. If you want your child to share openly with you about their feelings and day, share with them about your feelings and your day. You modeling the open connected conversation, helps them know what it looks like and how to do it.

2. Create a space for deep meaningful connection. That does not mean that every time that you are in this space together, there will be deep meaningful connection. It does mean that it is more likely to happen during this time. It also means that the meaningful connection might not happen in words but the action you take together during this time is building deep meaningful connection. For example a once a week cooking time together becomes a memory your child will hold onto.

3. Tell your children you love them. Tell your children what you like about them. Have your child share what they like about themselves. Sometimes we know that we love our kids, so we don’t say the words. The action of telling someone you love them, ensures they know it. The action of telling someone what you like about them, ensures they know it. Don’t let your kids guess how you feel, tell them often and clearly.

Golden Nugget

Trusting my mom feelings…trusting my mother intuition and having grace.