Why Teacher Training is One Big Boondoggle…And What to Do About It

Lately I’ve been writing a lot about training for educators. It’s certainly an apt time of year to do so as teachers sit through numerous workshops before students arrive.

But not all teacher trainings are created equal. It’s been proven that 60% of teacher training is a waste of time.

In fact, many people have called teacher training one big boondoggle.

And that’s unfortunate. The administration spends so much time and energy organizing trainings. Teachers spend valuable preparation time trying to get their hours to maintain certification.

The situation is devastating to me because there’s so much amazing and helpful information out there!

Even after the many (many!) years it took to get a doctorate, I know that there’s so much more to learn. If this is the case, why are teacher trainings so ineffective that we can effectively call them a boondoggle?

Dare I say that this situation is representative of the teaching environment overall? When you’re barely able to pay your bills with you’re compensation, it’s logical that you may abandon ship to find a new career. And that if you stay you’ll be unhappy.

The reality is that teaching and teacher trainings are most effective when done by people who are invested and excited about the topics. If you’re excited to spend your time with three-year-olds, then teach preschool! If you’re excited to spend your day with 10-year-olds, then teach 4th grade! If you’re excited to spend your day with 15-year-olds, then be a high school teacher! If you want to share your excitement about teaching with other adults, then be a presenter for professional development. If none of this sounds exciting to you…find something that does!

Professional trainings need to be revamped so that you have quality learning time, just like you want in your classroom. (Tweet) It’s simple: Find the topic you want to learn more about, find someone knowledgeable and passionate about it and ask your administration to have them come speak! Let’s make learning exciting again!

And if I may say so myself, I’m ecstatic about behavior and created a training program that gives teachers what they really need to keep control of their classrooms. You can catch up with more details here.

Insight into Action!

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