Ants in their pants: Help Your Child Sit Still. Chapter 2 from Love Your Family Again (FB Live)

Have you been to one of my workshops? Have you seen me speak? Have you met me in person? If you have, you know that I don’t sit still. I am often in motion.

I was recently given the compliment that I don’t walk, I bounce. Most days that is true. Life is just too exciting to walk everywhere 🙂 So I have more than just a little bounce in my step!

As an adult, it is a compliment that I embrace. If I was a small being, it would a very different story. Chances are, I would get in lots of trouble for the amount of motion my body is in. Either at home or school, kids are asked to be still often.

One of the chapters of my new book is about exactly this behavior – sitting still. I don’t want to give too many details away but sometimes the behavior problem lies in the hands of the adults not the children. Check out this weeks blog to find out exactly what I mean.

This week I read Chapter 2 from my new book Love Your Family Again. Some side commentary and interjections are made to bring the chapter to life.

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