Parenting and Pompoms: A Playful Conversation between Nolan, Dr. Mandi and Dr. Marcie

Last Tuesday night and I was visiting with a friend and colleague, Dr. Mandi White-Ajmani. It was getting close to dinner time and her kids were having their screen time. Her son mentioned that he was watching YouTube. His mom asked what exactly he was watching. I asked, “Were you watching me?”

At first he laughed thinking I was joking. Then he looked over confused, asked if I was actually on YouTube. I said, “Yup! I have a bunch of videos. We could make one together and then you can be on YouTube too!” Before he got too excited, I did mention that his parents had to be ok with it.

After dinner, we sat down on the couch. Turned out, Mom wanted to be on YouTube also 🙂

I asked Nolan what the best thing was that his parents did. He gave a great answer – simple and powerful. I asked his mom about what areas she struggles with as a parent. We ended up chatting about allowance, charts and consistency.

Somewhere in the middle a bag of pompoms appeared. Of course, they were put to good use!

See what happens in this playful conversation between Nolan (an amazing 10 year old), his mom (Dr. Mandi) and me (Dr. Marcie).

ps-In the video I mention that Dr. Mandi White-Ajmani is an amazing Neuropsychologist. If you are looking for more about her, go to