No More Punishment!

This past weekend was the March for Our Lives. Did you go?

It was not until after the march when I got home that the true impact set in. I watched the speeches that I did not hear. Inspiring, passionate and motivated students. Kids who are standing up and saying we need to find better answers. Students who are putting together an action based movement.

The heartbreak that I felt from seeing the signs saying, “Am I next?” or “I march so my Kindergarteners don’t have to” melted away. It shifted to what I do best – action.

I asked myself – What is the action, the small step that I can take? What is the step that I know will make a difference? How can I inspire?

The answer is this weeks video. The reminder that path to change is not through punishment but proaction. The reminder that reaction is never as powerful as thoughtful, intentional planning.

As a parent, punishment after each incident is not the answer to change behavior. Teach your small one how to respond, what to say, how to be a friend, what to do when they are angry that is appropriate. These are skills that will never be taught through punishment.