The Power of a Label: Autism as a Gift and Clarity

About the episode

Martika has a 2 and 1/2 year old son who she is raising with he partner Max. They have been together for 8 years.

Go To Glitter

Love going to the children’s museum together. Having full as a family with the interactive elements. Watching Harry Potter, Miko loves the magic and runs around the house with his wand. The final piece is going to the park all together, time outside makes everyone happy!

Dr. Marcie’s Must Make Moves

1. Miko was just diagnosed with Autism so that tells us a bit about how his brain works. He thinks in a linear fashion that is very clear – left or right; right or wrong – the more specific and clear you can be in your language the easier it will be. He also is most likely a visual learner, so use visuals to support directions and vocal communication.

2. When asking a question, ask a question. When giving a direction, give a direction. It is not about being stern and yelling versus sweet and kind. It is about clarity and teaching Miko to listen.

3. Pick one priority as a parent. You can’t change everything at once and it is exhausting to try. So pick one area of focus at a time. If it is potty training, great! If it is sleep training, great! If it is listening skills, great! The other areas, keep moving forward as you are and know you will get there in the future.

Golden Nugget

Using visual instructions and incorporating pictures into communication. Doing this while making sure to use clear and effective communication – asking questions for questions and directions for directions.