Parenting is Hard: How to see the successes along the way.

About the episode

Go To Glitter

Hard because of the widespread of ages. Simplest answer is being at home – Saturday mornings on the couch each doing their own thing in PJ. Cleaning and coffee for the adults. Meals together and try to connect – breakfast and dinner as a family of 5. Thrive on being connected

Dr. Marcie’s Must Make Moves

1. Time together is important, so is everyone getting their unique needs met. Perhaps it is helpful to create times when you are meeting the family’s needs and other times when each individual in the family gets needs met. These are two different things and can be addressed at different times.

2. Reactive parenting versus responsive parenting. Take a breath before you react. Take a moment to assess the best way to respond because not every moment in parenting is a crisis. Do not react as if it is a crisis when it is not.

3. Parenting is hard and has many challenging moments. Make time to see the success/joy that is happening along the way. As parenting is a never ending experience, create chunks of time or goals so that you can feel the same sense of accomplishment as you go through life.

Golden Nugget

Biggest thing is the shift in perspective…your story is so close to you. Talk to a professional about it and it is a hole other level of what we think it is. All the positive. We are having joyful moments, have options, intentionality as a positive thing. Dr. Marcie’s Golden Nugget Find the mile markers – the successes you have along the way as you continue down the hard path. Language is different for each of us – use the words that are right for you and see what they.